December 30, 2009


A picture's worth a thousand words; for that reason I'll keep this brief and let the following images speak for themselves. 13thWitness is a young, highly skilled, and accomplished Photographer and Videographer. Although a majority of his catalog consists of digital still photographs, he is no stranger to capturing motion through the lens. In the past he has worked with none other than Nike and Japanese Hip-Hop group, Nitro Microphone Underground. What more can I say, this cat is gonna be HUGE! If you like what you see, support 13thWitness by following his amazing shots month-to-month in his limited 2010 calendar, which can be purchased here.

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"The best photo I ever took, was the one I never took."
 - 13thWitness


December 29, 2009


A few nights ago, my friend Stevie D (you'll be hearing a lot more from him soon!) and I were talking on the topic of originality. With all the tools readily available, it's easier than ever for almost anyone with even the slightest amount of ambition to start a band or make beats, start a t-shirt company, or start a BLOG. Now that you are "ready" a question arises: What's going to set you apart from the millions of people trying to do the same thing? Sincerity. You gotta admit, coming up with an original idea seems like an almost impossible task these days. But if you truly have love for your craft, and do it with honesty and sincerity, you're already a step up from those who are just out for money and their 15 minutes. So if you're one of the many who are doing it for the wrong reasons, stop and find your own niche. And if you're already doing what you love to do or know what you want to do, stay up and stay true.

December 23, 2009


The first-anything is always awkward...first kiss, first time onstage, first time saying "here!" during roll call in a new class, and the list goes on. I do not feel a need to post a disclaimer as to what I will feature on my blog. If anything, think of this as a showcase of creativity in general. The things I post here help me "escape" the so-called real world that sums up a large fraction of our days. Hopefully they can help you too, and maybe you can get something out of it. With that said, I'll end this before it starts getting awkward. Well, too late now.