May 31, 2010


Yes, yes, y'all! I got 'em! I told you I would put up a "Mission Accomplished" post, remember?

May 26, 2010


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first time these two have worked together. Either way, what they came up with is great. I know this commercial came out a while ago, but I just wanted to share how cool it is! I love the visuals, music, and well, the shoes are clean! Definitely would not mind having a pair...or three.

May 24, 2010


I went to Raspado Xpress today, for the second time, after my good friend brought me here last week. This spot in Pomona is fresh! I got the Trompo (crushed ice, pineapple, guava, watermelon, and chamoy) again and we picked up some GreƱudo (sliced jicama, carrots, cucumbers, and beets covered in lemon, salt, and chili) too. Summer is almost here... time to step up your raspado game! 

May 23, 2010


Whether it's an interview or a music video, Original Knockoff never cease to amaze me. These guys are good at what they do. Gabe, one half of OK, is also known as the "thrift shop hip hop" emcee, Good Will. His style is fresh. "Little Man" is one of the most unique hip hop songs I've heard in a long time, and the video is bananas! Puppeteering at its finest. Yes, I said puppets!

There is a lot to learn from artists and creators like Gabe and Dennis. Step outside your comfort zone, and do something different. Be an innovator. In the long run, it'll be more self-fulfilling than following trends and attempting to meet the standards and expectations of others. Set your own standards and meet your own expectations. Honest work is always appreciated in the end.

May 16, 2010


Remember Gabe and Dennis from the "Work in Progress" videos I posted a while ago? They were doing a lot of work at Paid Dues this year, too! They got to interview some of the big names on the bill, like Ice Cube and...MC Prototype?! Watch the rest of their videos here.

Oh, before the interview you get a sneak peak of Proto's new music video, "Can't Hide."


Last night, Cook & UNO and Proto & DJ Nickyboi gave the crowd at GCS in Santa Ana a lesson on how to have fun and STILL be hip hop. I usually only go to the Pomona location, but the GCS in Santa Ana is really nice too!

May 15, 2010


Last Thursday, Afro Classics, MC Prototype, and Curtiss King blessed the Session A crowd at Cal Poly with solid performances. It was great having Scarub and Very come out to do the show at my school. But I have to say the highlight of the night was DJ Nickyboi coming out from behind his tables to get on the mic with Proto during "G.I.G." All in all, the show was bananas!

May 12, 2010


I've been making a lot of new friends lately. Two of them go by the names CookBook and UNO Mas from the legendary Los Angeles-based hip-hop group, LA Symphony. Earlier this year they released a new full length album, their 5th effort as a duo. These guys are no strangers to performing or touring, and recently they've been doing a lot of both to promote C&U Music Factory.

Listening to Cook and UNO's music and watching them perform is so refreshing. Their honest and unique brand of hip-hop sets them apart from the rest of the scene. They make music that's fun. You can see how much fun they have in all their music videos. They've already filmed a few music videos for the album, one happens to be a song called, "When You Rock & Roll," featuring another LA local named Evidence. You know him, right?

You will be hearing A LOT more about Cook and UNO really soon.

May 10, 2010


Aside from yesterday's Mother's Day festivities, MC Prototype and DJ Nickyboi performed at Fat Beats in LA with our friends CookBook and UNO Mas of LA Symphony. These guys are quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite hip-hop duos. I HIGHLY recommend picking up their album, C&U Music Factory.

Lex and Kray-Z even got a chance to perform a couple Alpha de Omega songs too. These kids have a real unique and fresh style.

All in all, it was a good time with good friends. Next stop on the mini-instore tour is GCS in Santa Ana on Saturday, May 15. See you there.


This past weekend, Lex D., Kray-Z K, and I drove up to Northern California for a Grind Time event they were battling in. It was my first time in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, and to say the least, it was...different. I've been to a few different countries and a handful of other states, but San Francisco has to be one of the most unique areas I've ever traveled to. True, the cars drive with the same license plates, but it feels like you're in a completely different state. Since this trip was so short I definitely have to take another trip up there to take in the rest of the city. We'll be more prepared next time.

First meal we had was at Top Dog in Berkeley. Let's call this "Heart Attack #1."

AT&T Park is one of the nicest baseball stadiums I've ever seen. I've never been a big fan of baseball, but I admire this. We were also told the stadium is built on an island made of trash. That may explain the funny smells on our way to the piers.

The driver of this contraption has to pay money to haul around other people. What a rip off.

Fishwich and garlic fries from Salty's. (Heart Attack #2)

The architecture in the city was amazing. If I didn't hate math so much, I would have definitely studied that in school.

Lex Diamond + Kray-Z K = Alpha de Omega. Yes, we're in SF reppin' the IE.

The views from some parts of SF were amazing. I could sit and stare at this all day.

Look! We even got to say what's up to all the Haight-ers. I look like a fool, but still on the come up, as always. Until next time...

May 3, 2010


What better way to start your day than with some quality skateboarding, provided by the Australian segment of the SB team. These guys go hard. I don't know how else to put it. Since you can never get enough skateboarding, you can watch some more SB videos here.