January 9, 2010


At the ripe age of 21, Fresno native Fashawn is already making a name for himself in the underground hip-hop movement. With 7 mixtapes under his belt, the latest produced by none other than The Alchemist, and his 2009 debut album, "Boy Meets World," produced entirely by Exile, Fashawn embodies the true essence of a great emcee. Not only can he spit, but his lyrics contain substance and a deeper message than the punch line-driven Hip-Hop overglamorized these days. Fash' is a great example of someone with a rocky upbringing, finding success through hard work and determination. So if you're one of the many who think Hip-Hop is dead, or have lost faith in it, think again! Fashawn is going to be making BIG moves real soon!

For the past week I didn't know what to blog about for the new year, but I think this is perfect. New year, new music...fresh start. Open your ears and listen. Stay up.

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