June 18, 2010


I can honestly say that Save from 41 Past Midnight is one of the main reasons I emcee today. I've known him since my sophomore year of high school, so he has seen just about every phase I've gone through. We went skating almost every weekend my senior year, which I think that was a turning point for me, because all we'd listen to was hip-hop on the drives to each spot. At the time, I was still mostly listening to punk, so I was exposed to a lot of dope music from this guy.

Now, about 41PM...they are probably the most unique hip-hop duo I have ever listened to. Marked Fair is really fresh on the production side, and Save is still one of the best writers I know. Raw hip-hop in full effect. I dig it, but you can decide for yourself. This is their first music video for their new song, "Enter."

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