November 8, 2010


A couple hours ago, my friend NAK posted a new song online. It's a tribute to the late, great producer, Nujabes. I was really excited when NAK posted the cover art for "Keep Moving" last night. Nujabes was, hands down, one of the best, and NAK's rendition of the song definitely does the original composition justice ("Counting Stars").

NAK has such a dope style. If you've ever heard his music, you know NAK has an aggressive style of lyrical delivery. Nujabes' style of producing, on the other hand, is soothing and full of jazz. How do the two fit so perfectly? Just listen and you'll understand.

I think NAK is a great story teller and an incredibly talented emcee. His music spreads positivity. We need more positivity.

Thank you, NAK.
Thank you, Nujabes(R.I.P).

Click the cover art bellow to listen to (and download) "Keep Moving."

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