March 8, 2011


Jim Greco. I looked up to this guy growing up, and pretty much anyone else from Piss Drunx. Not their personal lifestyles, just the skateboarding and the way they carried themselves. I loved their fuck-it attitude. It had a strong influence on me when I was developing my own style. Their creativity helped me see skateboarding in a way that was unconventional to some, but I liked it. I even did my best to dress like him too. Anything Reynolds or Greco wore in Baker2G, I tried to copy. White dress shirts? Never bought any, but I found enough in my closet to wear almost everyday. Ripped jeans? Duh. Emerica's? Why would I wear anything else on my feet!? Trucker hats? Yup! Oh, I even had his Krew sunglasses. Ask anyone I went to high school with, they'll tell you!

I'd do anything to relive those days.

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