April 5, 2011


I feel sorry for all the poor blokes that missed out on Guerilla Union's 6th Annual Paid Dues Festival this year. A great day of Hip-Hop and breezy Southern California weather, and after it all, I just had two words to say - BLACK STAR.

The crowd during Binary Star.

My homie MC Futuristic stays on the grind. Check out his music. It's fresh.

Mistah FAB wearing a Hiero tee, representing for Oakland and the whole Bay Area.


This is my good friend Mondo from the one and only Matt and Mondo's Punk Rock Power Hour. We talked about girls and Pokemon. I'm serious.

I like this picture a lot. Visionaries onstage.

P.O.S. is not a piece of shit at all. He's actually a really nice guy and is great at what he does. One of my favorites for sure.

Met this dude with a cool Supreme cap and I snapped a pic.

Security guards and Scarub (Living Legends/Afro Classics).

I ate here. The food wasn't great, but the stand looked cool.

Rawth (Asher Roth and Nottz) on the main stage with this sunset. Until next time.


  1. I'm so jealous. Well I'm glad you had fun :D

  2. Fresh man< I was keeping an eye out for ya, but had you know the deely with crowds!