July 26, 2010


On my third day in NY, I took a trip to the Boundless and Mishka stores in Brooklyn. Teddy from Boundless showed me around the shop and let me know about the Boundless brand coming out this fall. I'm real excited about that. Where I grew up, my neighborhood skate shop was Pharmacy Boardshop. I felt at home whenever I was there, and I got that same feeling stepping into Boundless.

Boundless is also in the Mtn Dew Green Label Art contest for a piece painted on the wall in front of their shop. The winner of the contest gets their own Mtn Dew can! You can see other shops in the contest and vote (for Boundless!) at Green Label Art.

Mishka is probably one of the coolest brands of all time. Each one of their retail locations (Brooklyn, Echo Park, Tokyo) is unique and are creepy, yet beautiful representations of the brand. Like I said before, I grew up listening to punk, and so did Greg, co-owner of Mishka. It's like streetwear for punks! I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of their Brooklyn location, but you can see more of Mishka on their site. Whenever you get a chance, I highly recommend visiting one of their stores. Oh, and they have a lot of collectible toys too!

Later on that day I went to the Donnis/Kidz in the Hall show at the Apple store in SoHo. Both sets were fresh. I only had one question after the show...why doesn't our Apple store look like that? I might actually buy a MacBook if ours was that dope.

I heard a lot about Cafe Habana months before I came to NY. They have three locations in SoHo, Brooklyn, and Malibu, where they serve a homestyle blend of Cuban and Central Mexican food. Everything about this place is amazing, the food, the people, the atmosphere. The Habana Outpost in Brooklyn is also the first restaurant in New York that is completely solar powered. Until I go back to NY, I'm gonna be making a lot of trips out to Malibu!

This orange cream soda was amazing! I gotta find out where I can get this in Cali!

I found myself going back to the Lower East Side many times during my stay. It's not a coffee shop, but I felt like a regular at Reed Space. After talking to Ted and Nico a few times, Ted predicted I'd move to NY in 2 years, but Nico is giving me 1 year. We'll see, homies.

I don't know how late I am, but I just started collecting Bearbricks

I did a project about bridges when I was in 6th grade. Since then, I've always been amazed by the design and architecture of big bridges. This breakfast with a view was not bad.

This is Ronnie. His paintings were really dope. I picked one up. Support your local artists!

I took a train to Central Park to watch Raphael Saadiq and Aloe Blacc at SummerStage. I've been to a lot of music festivals, but this had to be one of the coolest. Everyone was in a good mood, talking, laughing, and happy to be where they were.

And to top off the amazing musical performances, amazing FOOD! These Asiadogs were the best hot dogs I've ever had, especially the Vinh one at the top.

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