October 8, 2010


So, I'm sitting here at The Bakery with MC Prototype and DJ Nickyboi, and I figured I should post a blog about Daily Duels tomorrow. If you remember from a few months back, ETRNLST made its debut at Daily Duels 6, where I was also battling. I won't be battling at DD7 though. Instead, I'll be performing a short set of some songs I've been writing.

I'm not big on calling everyone I know to get them to come to my shows, so let's pretend this is the invitation. I hope I see some familiar faces tomorrow night, and some strange, new ones too! Bring your friends, significant other, or grandparents for the love of Hip-Hop.

Lastly, ETRNLST will have a booth set up all night! Bring some cash to get a great deal on some of our Summer '10 threads. What does that mean? Am I talking about a special one-night-only sale? Who knows...


  1. Wish i could have made it. Hope you had an amazing show <3

  2. Wish you could've been there too. It was a great show. The place was packed.