October 24, 2010


Yesterday afternoon, Maestro announced via Twitter that he would be pre-releasing his new sweatshirts near Shayan Afshar's shop in Downtown Los Angeles. When I got there, the shop was empty and no one else was waiting, but me, so I thought I missed it. One by one, more people showed up, and within minutes, we went from strangers to friends. It wasn't much longer before we saw Maestro running up the sidewalk.

It's so amazing how something like Maestro Knows can bring together different people, who might not have met otherwise, all for the love, respect, and support of this online-based show.

There was a cool breeze in Downtown, so those sweatshirts came in handy! They're limited to 80 pieces (40 crewnecks and 40 hoodies). It feels good to say that we got the first ones! Plus, you can never go wrong with a nice crewneck or hoodie. The design was hand drawn by YuƩ Wu. Look though his site. You might recognize some of his other work.

According to Maestro, he will be releasing the sweatshirts this week through his site. Stay posted for more information by following Maestro on Twitter(@MAESTROKNOWS).

This is my new friend, Jackie. Isn't she adorable? It was her first time meeting Maestro. She said his show has a pretty big following in Guam, which is where she lived before moving to Los Angeles.

I'm about 6 foot-something, but I still feel pretty short standing next to Maestro. Can't mess with this B-Boy stance though!

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