February 19, 2011


Yeah, I know, it's been a while, and I'm gonna do my best to update this blog more often. So what better way to get back into it than with my big brother MC Prototype's new music video!

"Chasing Dreams" was filmed and directed by Original Knockoff, the same team that brought you Pro's last video. The song and video features an all-star cast of players: CookBook of LA Symphony produced the track, DJ Nickyboi(Surf Ninjas Crew) provided the cuts, Brett Woods, who also sang on "She Is" off The Ones Overlooked, and a true living legend(literally!) Scarub of the Living Legends and Afro Classics.

Conscious of the mixtape-driven industry, MC Prototype is redefining the limitations of traditional Hip-Hop songs. By teaming up with a nonprofit organization, "Chasing Dreams" is more than just a single, it's a campaign and a movement for hope. More info will be announced soon on Pro's site. For now, enjoy the video, leave comments, and take something away from this song.

One last thing... Pro is wearing the ETRNLST drip tee in the video! I can't even begin to explain how cool that is. I'm honored and thankful to know such amazing people.

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