April 5, 2010


This year's Paid Dues Festival was incredible. The fact that I got to spend it with some great friends made it even better. This year's show was exceptionally special because my good friend MC Prototype was on the bill. He even got a special introduction by Murs. Congrats Proto!

While I was doing promotional work for Proto's new EP The Ones Overlooked, I got to watch a lot of other performers' sets. One that really stood out for me was Afro Classics. Scarub(Living Legends) and Very are really good at what they do. After their set, I picked up 2 of their CDs and talked to them for a bit. Those guys are real down-to-earth.

On the main stage, we saw Psycho Realm, Dilated Peoples, Tha Dogg Pound, Jay Electronica, Raekwon, Murs and 9th, and West Coast legend, Ice Cube. I could go on for days talking about how cool it was to see each of these artists. Paid Dues has gotten better every year since they started it, so I can only imagine how good next year's show is going to be.

Proto doing what he does. Photo by Dennis Chung for Original Knockoff. The rest of the pictures are mine.

1 part of the team - Lex Diamond, Kray-Z K, and me on the curb. These guys host a show called Daily Duels. Any MCs want to battle, hit them up! Oh, they battle too and they're both really good.

SuperB and Proto. Check out this video SuperB did with our friend Shane Romero.

I'm a fan too! Me and Scarub(Afro Classics/Living Legends).

Another part of the team, David (BLK) and Kei-O. 3 tracks on Proto's new EP were produced by Kei-O.

To be continued...

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  1. Dude, checked out the youtube link to that rap battle..I want to go. Let me know when