April 11, 2010


The Downtown Pomona Art Walk is always a great time. From galleries to performance venues, there's something to see everywhere you go. Last night, we spent most of our time at Radio Futura's in-store, where Tomorrow, Yesterday, Cookbook and Uno Mas (LA Symphony), and MC Prototype and DJ Nickyboi performed. Our friends at Original Knockoff also started filming scenes for Proto's new music video.

Radio Futura carries a lot of music that you may have a hard time finding at most other record stores. They have been open since 1997 and are still going strong. They currently have two physical locations in Pomona and Alhambra, alongside their online store. Check out one of the stores when you get a chance. Support your local scene.

MC Prototype & DJ Nickyboi:
 Yep and T.i.E (Tomorrow, Yesterday):

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  1. I put my crack in the air for that one