April 8, 2010


While I was at the show, I met a lot of cool people. Some of these people were familiar with Proto and his music, but some never heard of him or his music until the show. Here are some more pictures I took that day.

This is Kayla and Kenny. They're from New Mexico and they drove all the way to San Bernardino, CA for the show. I talked to Kenny for a little while before the show and he said that he has never heard MC Prototype. I ran into him after the set and it looks like they'll be taking something back with them to New Mexico.

Met this guy walking around while he was doing some promo work for Ballin' for Peace. He said he knew Prototype's music through his cousin. Peep the GCS shirt he's wearing!

These kids have never heard any of Proto's music, but still decided to pick up some shirts.

This is Billy. He drove to Paid Dues from Arizona. He's a true fan of hip-hop. Read his story here.

This kid said he didn't know about Proto before Paid Dues, and he ended up picking up a shirt. He actually wanted a couple different colors, but we were out of his size in the other color he was looking for. Next time, homie!

This is my friend Matt and his girlfriend. We go to school together. He just had surgery on his knee and he was still on his feet all day at the show. Another true fan of hip-hop.

These kids were dope!...and that's Proto being Proto.

This is Kareem. I was talking to him while he was in line to meet Murs and 9th Wonder. He told me he followed the Proto For Paid Dues videos and that he was a fan. Coincidentally, Proto was walking by and ended up standing in line for Kareem while he went to pick up a copy of The Ones Overlooked.

This guy works for Rhymesayers.

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