August 20, 2010


I hope, by now, everyone has heard the original version of "Power." If not, you've been sleeping too long. When it was first announced there would be a remix of the track featuring none other than Jay-Z, I was sold. Together, the two never fail to impress, whether it's on an album track or a remix, such as "Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)" on Late Registration. Jay and Kanye compliment each other well, and some of each artist's most memorable verses are on tracks they record together.
It's no surprise the "Power (Remix)" is no different. Lyrically, both emcees went in on this track, and on the production boards, Swizz Beatz put his unmistakable signature touch on the track. The end result is a great song, but it still leaves me wondering what the rest of the album is going to sound like.
Oh, and if the name SNAP brings back any memories, listen all the way through the track for a sweet and nostalgic surprise. Now that you've read through this, press play and start clapping!

Music courtesy of Hypetrack
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