August 16, 2010


If you haven't eaten from an LA lunch truck, you don't know what you're missing. These mobile fusion restaurants are the future of street cuisine. A popular combination among many of these food trucks is blending traditional Mexican dishes with a variety of Asian ingredients. That's not it though. There are plenty more unique food trucks in business, which means, you have a really good chance of finding exactly what you want.

Mishka invited four popular Los Angeles-based food trucks to their Lunch Truck Day at Mishka's Echo Park location. Although it was a little hot, beautiful Southern California weather all day, and, of course, great food!

Coolhaus, Mandoline Grill, Frysmith, and Lomo Arigato parked out front the Mishka store on Echo Park Ave Sunday, ready to serve the hungry customers lined up on the sidewalk. I was excited to see Mandoline Grill again! They are definitely one of my favorites! Each of of these trucks serves up one-of-a-kind meals with prices that'll make your stomach AND wallet smile. Follow them all on Twitter to know where they'll be next.

Shout out to Greg and Andrew at Mishka. These guys are always holding it down. It's always good chilling with them. If you missed Lunch Truck Day this time around, come out to the next one. Your stomach will thank you.

Don't mess with Eric (Lomo Arigato) or he'll cut you!

Alife make great sneakers!
Coolhaus serves their ice cream sandwiches in an edible wrapper. See, now you can eat paper and not get in trouble for it!
Greg(far left) and Andrew(middle) finding some shade. Andrew enjoying some food from Lomo Arigato.
These dudes are from Virginia. They decided to pack up and fly to Cali just because. These guys are living right!
Look up next time you walk into Mishka in Echo Park.
Andrew approved of this shot.
I forgot the first dude's name(sorry), Greg, and Kevin. Not too sure why he's carrying that bottle of pesticide though.

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